Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Cheat Gangsters 2 Vendetta


Hold shift down and write "i love a1"  you get money.

NOTE: When you press 1 dont anymore hold shift hold shift down and write
"this time around" and you get SUPER-gangster.

You  get $10,000 ever time you do this:
Javert, Submitted the following Information:

1 - Go to the street view
2 - Right click on the street
3 - Hold down shift and type (case sensitive): i love a
4 - Release shift and type:  1

Acidburn, Submitted the following Information:

If you want to play any level just go to C:/game directory/levels/level 1
cut the file from there and put it in the levels dir. then go to level x
dir (level 2,level3)and copy the file. put the file to level 1 dir. then 
file name must be level1. start the game, new campaign and you will start
on the some level.

Hold [Ctrl]+[Shift] and C. for a code pop up then type Tony S. for a cheat
and type in "Scarface" for joey banes name. You will get four new gangsters
full stats, invincibility, all guns, cars, and all levels.

For getting a Classic 1950's Hotrod and 8 full stats men:
Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+C and Popup will come up. Type "Speedy" in 
the popup and "Gonzo" as Joey Banes name. You will get a Classic 1950's 
Hotrod and 8 full stats men when you start the game.

All spy reports:
Enter the name "bangagong" for Joey Bane.

HexCheat for Skills: 
1.Open saved game 
2.Use search button and under search for text type Bane(for example). 
3.And below ''Joe Bane'' there are similar hex codes for all of the gangsters:
  AFBE ADDE AFBE ADDE AFBE ADDE etc. Well the ADDE adresse's are the experience
  and skills for the specific gangster you chose to edit. 
4.There are only 9 ADDE hexcodes 

1st ADDE= ? 
2nd ADDE= assassin skills 
3rd ADDE= spying 
4th ADDE= robbing? 
5th ADDE= charmer 
6th ADDE= bomber 
7th ADDE= safe cracker? 
8th ADDE= driving 
9th ADDE= kidnapping 

5 stars = AD7E 
3 stars = AD1E 
2 stars = etc. 

The combination of 5 skills can only be used like this 

Basic Skills (2 skills) 

1. Combat 
2. Stealth 

Skills with ''interface'' order only 2 skills combination allowed e.g 

Additionary skills (2 skills) 
1. Spying (1.2, 1.3,etc) 
2. Charm (2.1, 2.3 etc) 
3. Bombing (3.1, etc) 
4. Assasin (4.5 ect) 
5. Robbing 

For example if you want an assasin with bombing skills you can just edit the appropriate 
addresse then if you want driving skills as well edit the addresse that is for driving. 
When you go back into the game you will see the assasin skill,and the bombing skill. You 
will not see the driving skill symbol but you are able to drive just as good as a 5 star 

Secret business specialist:
You can only get Aces Brannigan (the man in the black suit with white stripes holding 
some cards in his hand) one time at a specific place in level 15 Baylington Capture 
The Card Game. Go next to your office then click "Set up illegal". Hire him, and press 
"Relocate". If he dies, you must try again.

Submitted by: Vinny S.
I have 2 tips that come in handy:

If there is a Hospital nearby, send any injured gangsters there and they will heal. 
This comes in handy if your office or hideaway is too far away. I recommend that you 
make sure that the hospital is within your territory just to be safe. If it's not, 
just claim a nearby building that includes the hospital in the claimed turf.

Shoot & Hide:
You can get your gangsters (especially Assassins) to pick off a lot of enemy gangsters
& muscle by shooting at them then quickly hiding in a nearby building. Most of the 
time, they'll come running, look around, then go back to their routine. As soon as they
turn around and walk away, shoot at them again and hide! *Note - This doesn't always 
work because some of the enemies are smarter and they'll throw your gangster out of 
his hiding spot. Just use it whenever possible!

$10,000 and powered-up gangsters:
Hold [Left Shift] and type "i love a". Release [Left Shift] and press 1. 
Note: None of the gangsters can be selected or highlighted before entering the code. 

In v1.0.4, hold [Shift] and type "this time around" for a super gangster. 
Hold [Shift] and type i love a then release [Shift] and press 1 for $10,000.